I like to ride my mountain bike but I am not an expert. What level do I need to have?

An average level is more than enough. The longest route is 40 km and since this is not a competition but a time to enjoy, if one doesn’t want to do a certain route he or she can stay in lodge and relax.


How will I take my bike?

There are different airline regulations for taking bikes and which one applies to us will depend on the airline we will travel with. Here is an example on how to pack your bike.

Packing and condition of carriage: Maximum weight 23 kgs. One suitably packed bicycle(single seat). The front wheel must be taken off and fastened to the center of the bicycle. It is advisable to rotate the handle bar 90 degrees and tighten it in this position. The pedals shall also be removed. The bikes shall be packed in a carton box or in a special plastic box to protect them from damage. The tires must be partially deflated. N.B: It will be subject to excess baggage charge if overweight, and the charge shall be equal to 100% of the applicable excess baggage charge.


Uganda looks like a beautiful country but….is it safe?

“ You will fall in love with Uganda “ UNHCR writes this in its page on Uganda and its true. It’s the perfect country, in the heart of Africa, to do tourism. Its important to know all the best places you can’t miss but also all the precautions you have to take so your trip comes out as planned.


Other questions…

We will update this guide little by little, including any questions you may have. In the meantime, do not hesitate to contact us for anything. We will do our best to solve any doubts or clarify any.