What bike do I use?

You can come to this adventure with your own bike or you can ride one of the bikes that we already have there.

If you want to ride your own bicycle, read the practical information that we have prepared. There is a specific section about transporting bicycles on the plane:

If you do not want to complicate with the transportation, ask us because we have several bicycles in good condition that were donated by the participants of the Challenge in previous editions. Confirm with us that there are still bikes available.

Bikes donated by Pere Cahué – Probike

In two of the editions of the solidarity Challenge Ruwenzori Mountain-Bike we have had the great luck of having an important participant from the world of bicycles: Pere Cahué.

Pere is the head of Probike, one of the most important bicycle shops in Barcelona, and the main bicycle donor so far.

Thanks to him, the Kimya community has several mountain bikes.

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